Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Garenahack-er's Latest Crack 12 threads Mega Exp EnjoY !

Greetz all !

I've removed the Themida packed files so there's no more anti-virus warnings !

Here's the newest version made by me of GarenaHack. Unlike it's predecessors this Garena MegaEXP hack connects to 12 servers, therefore giving you a maximum exp gain. (like cqccyh latest GarenaHack).

This hack includes:
- standard GarenaHack with working MapHack, Custom Kick, Spoofer, Trade Resource Hack, Camera Hack etc...

- MegaExp - connectiing to 12 Garena servers for maximum EXP. These are all the garena servers, these servers are in the latest original garenahack private version. If you get low exp or nothing all all then that's it :) I cannot do more... for now.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 894x592.

- Diabolic Warcraft III Tools - allows you to change various things in Warcraft III - Font Changer, Background Changer, DotA Theme, Hero Model Fixes

To install you can easily download the installer and run it, or the archive and don't forget that you must open the hack and Garena with the program called:
"_Start Garena with GarenaHack.exe"

Virus informations:
All files are CLEAN ! tested on

Garena.exe and GarenaHack.exe are 100% free

NEW Download links (XP and VISTA):

Installer (recomended) :


or the archive:


Run as Administrator if you are using Vista.

- to run Diabolic Warcraft III tools you may need:
- a WarIII registry fixer
- Microsoft Support Site .NET Framework 2.0

- Opening Multiple Garena MegaEXP windows with the same account WON'T get you more EXP.

- if you get this error " Error while unpacking program, code LP5." or "Invalid file... Please reinstall from.." then you have a virus on your PC, get rid of it, reinstall GarenaHack and it will work

- if you see a password box when you start the program then try starting it again using: "_Start Garena with GarenaHack.exe"

- if MegaEXP hack don't work on a certain account then there's nothing I can do

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