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Now all of your friends are playing Dota and you are practically left out. Eventually, you want to learn how to play dota as well. Being a beginner dota player is extremely difficult, there are a lot of dota heroes to choose from and also, you need to learn the items that comes with it. Plus, you need to master the skill sequence of your dota hero.

Play dota with the pRO’s. This way, you are going to learn fast. When you are a beginner dota player, ask your friends to let you choose your own dota hero. If you want to learn how to play dota, focus first on a single dota hero. This way, you will get the feel on how to play dota and catches up how to play the game.

Without further ado, here are the dota hero for beginners. There are a lot of best dota hero for beginners and here are the top 10.

1. Kardel Sharpeye

For dota beginners, Kardel Sharpeye gives you range on attacking your enemies through its skill Take Aim which could widen your skill up to 220. Another good skill is Scatter Shot for farming golds. One scatter shot could kill a bunch of creeps, thus earning you lots of gold and experience. Kardel’s special skill, Assassinate could kill a single hero in one shot. It deals 655 damage at 2500 range at its maximum level. Just make sure your timing is perfect to accomplish all of these.

Primary: Agi

Special Skill: Assassinate - Deals 655 damage at 2500 range, 1.5 seconds casting time. (Level 3)

2. Razor - The Lightning Revenant

One of the best dota hero for beginners is Razor. His skills are Unholy Fervor, Chain Lightning, Frenzy, and Storm Seeker. Razor is also a range hero. Just cast chain lightning whenever a hero comes to you. The cooldown of this skills is only 11 seconds which gives you a lot of advantage.

Primary: Agi

Special Skill: Storm Seeker - Summons a storm that permenantly follows Razor. Every 3.25 seconds, it strikes Razor’s enemies within 500 AoE with savage lightning bolts.

3. Lion - the Demon Witch

Lion is a great hero to disable your enemies with it’s Voodoo skill that transforms enemy into random critter, disabling special abilities. Also, the impale skill that not only deals damage with the enemy but stuns it, then combo it with Lion’s special skill Finger of Death that deals 850 damage at level 3. Beat that. The Mana drain for the enemy just makes you more powerful to prevent heroes casting their special skill on you.

Primary: INT

Special Skill: Finger of Death - Deals 850 damage at level 3

4. Luna Moonfang

Another best dota hero for beginners is Luna Moonfang which is also a range hero. The Moon Glaive’s skill is perfect for gold farming since it could hit 5 enemies with every attack at level 5.

Primary: Agi

Special Skill: Eclipse - Calls to the moon’s magic, summoning a concentrated burst of Lucent Beams (without ministun) to damage targets within 450 AoE around Luna. Damage is equal to Lucent Beam level.

5. Zeus - The Lord of Olympia

Zeus primary skill is int so it deals high damage on a distance. Zeus skills are more of inflicting damages to enemies at a low cool down rate. Therefore, you could span these skills to your enemies as long as you have mana. Tips is to say close to your allies and partner up with them to kill enemy units.

Primary: Int

Special Skill: Thundergod’s Wrath - Strike down all non-invisible enemy heroes with bolts of lightning.

Will reveal an area of around 500 AoE to all enemy heroes.

6. Traxex - The Drow Ranger

Traxex focus more on agi attribute as well as its skills such as True Shot to increase Traxex’s range and Marksmanship which increases agi up to +36. The two other skills, Silence and Frost Arrows are more of disabling your enemies. With these skills, it is best to partner up with your allies that deals with high damage. You will disable the enemies and leave the killing to your allies. Frost Arrows is one of the perfect skill to immobilize your dota hero enemies.

This hero is very very good in farming gold

Primary: Agi

Special Skill: Marksmanship (M) - The Ranger’s accuracy has increased, giving her more agility.

7. Bone Clinkz

This dota hero for beginners focus more on attack speed. It is a good hero to begin with because of its attack speed that ables you to farm more gold. But the Special skill of this hero would be a little too hard to beginners to kill a friendly unit, returning a percentage of its life to this dota hero.

Primary: Agi

Special Skill: Death Pact - Kills a target friendly unit, returning a percentage of its life.

8. Lina Inverse - The Slayer

Lina Inverse is one of the best dota hero for beginners. Lina’s primary attribute is int to allow you to deal a lot of damage to enemies. Because of its attack speed, it allows you to farm for more golds. Lina’s Ultmate skill which increases your attack speed for 50% is a good skill to cast whenever you are pushing a tower. Lina’s special skill could even deal up to 950 damage killing soft dota heroes. Equip this girl with a Refresher Orb and you will be beyond godlike!

The downside is, Lina could not be able to defend herself whenever two heroes gang up on you.

Primary: INT

Special Skill: Laguna Blade - deals 950 damage

9. Bradwarden - The Centaur Warchief

The Centaur’s primary attribute is strength which gives you high hp and at the same time, you could deal a lot of damage to your enemies. This dota hero for beginners is really hard to kill because of it’s strength. Did I mention his special skill that adds + 36 to it’s strength? Only a few could survive this hero.

Because of this dota hero high survivability rate, it is one of the best hero for beginners. However, its skills are a little bit hard to master. Or because, you are a starter, you will probably be coward to stay close to your enemies.

Primary: Strength

Special Skill: Great Fortitude - Adds +36 Strength on level 3

10. King Leoric, The Skeleton King

The best thing about The Skeleton King is it’s special skill Reincarnation that allows you to return back to life immediately when you die which gives you a chance to go back at whoever kills you. The Skeleton King has high strength which gives you high survivability rate and able to tank. This is the best hero for beginners that wants to learn how to be a tank. However, it has a low attack speed but the damage it deals is totally awesome.

Primary: Strength

Special Skill: Reincarnation - When killed, this hero will come back to life at the cost some mana.

Here are my top 10 best dota hero for beginners, let me know what’s yours.

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