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Treant Protector Guide

Rooftrellen, the Treant Protectorfont>font>

Now that you've known Rooftrellen well enough, let's discuss a little about

Pros and consfont>font>


1. Highest strength gain of 3.4

2. Easy deny/last hitting, unlimited farming

3. Unique ability: Eyes of the forest. Gains vision around a tree

4. Unique ability: Living Armor. Heals your allies as well as YOUR TOWER!

5. Invisibility for your team

6. Pretty imba ultimate

7. Almost unkillable

8. Hard to click!!!font>


1. Melee with no stopping abilities(stun, slow etc)

2. No instant heal/aoe

3. Dependent on items

4. Easily countered escape mechanism


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Skill buildsfont>font>

    target="_blank">Eyes of the forestli>
  1. href="" target="_blank">Living Armorfont>li>
  2. href="" target="_blank">Living Armorfont>li>
  3. href="" target="_blank">Nature's Guisefont>li>
  4. Living Armorfont>li>
  5. href="" target="_blank">Overgrowthfont>li>
  6. href="" target="_blank">Living Armorfont>li>
  7. href="" target="_blank">Eyes of the forestli>

  8. href="" target="_blank">Eyes of the forestli>
  9. href="" target="_blank">Eyes of the forestli>
  10. href="" target="_blank">Overgrowthfont>


    level up ultimate when possibleli>

    This build is the most common build for Rooftrellen, it's advantages are obvious, from lv4 few heroes can force you back to heal or kill you, and it often takes 2-3 of them together. Eyes of the forest is maxed second so you can almost maphack one side of the river well before the 30th mark. Stats are taken over 3 lvs of Nature's Guise because for me, 15 secs is good enough. I often go refresher orb which puts Rooftrellen's mana to a strain, stats is important to use it.


    1. Solo farmer buildfont>

    I must confess, I like to be the center of the team. Everyone likes attention, right? And that's why Radiance is so popular.

    250 + *2

    500 1400 500

    3800 1350 1450 5300


    This is the fastest and safest Radience build I've tried so far.

    HoM should be bought before 13+ latest, after that don�t bother. Though it�s useless for many heroes now, Rooftrellen is an exception because he doesn�t gank from 6+ and dies hard. If 3 enemies came with Dust you�d still die with an Ageis. When you are harassed farming, HoM greatly increases jungle efficiency too.

    Radiance is your major dps item plus farming becomes really easy now.

    Refresher is next because by now you would have enough mana to combo, an additional 5 sec also helps a lot in dps.

    2. The supporterfont>

    2050 + 803=optional item 3650 (sometime during this get 500)

    2050 or simply get 1750

    complete or

    And for the ultimate


    This is a flexible build for tanking/supporting. Living armor would be enough against physical damage, a HoD will work against spells. Bracers are not needed because of his huge strength gain, just make sure you don�t fall behind on levels.

    Pipe of Insight is an optional item depending on whether your enemy is spell damage oriented.

    If your side has a lot of melee heroes, it would be good to get a on your side, or if your enemy got a . It also helps against heroes with armor based damage skills such as and . If not get for regen and turn it into later.

    For other items, refer to special items below.

    3. Special Items worth to mentionfont>

    This is an ideal Rooftrellen's item for both damage, hp and mana boost. if your enemies have invisibility, you can be a real pain in the ass lol. Allows you to tank and deal damage, but requires micro controlling.

    A very good burst physical damage booster, but Rooftrellen can't hold enemies very long to keep swiping. If your team lacks physical dps but has enough control(stun, slow etc), this is a cheap useful option.

    Contrary to common belief, Refresher shouldn't be rushed as your first item because it's expensive, offers little dps, decent regen and a skill you can't combo until 18+. Why get something so early when you cannot use it? If ultimating is Rooftrellen's only purpose, why not choose Tidehunter or Earthshaker? A lv3 Overgrowth combo costs 875 mana, at lv17 Rooftrellen has 715 mana naked and 845 with power treads intelligence. So he can do a full combo lv 18 and run dry. If you plan on Rrefresher, I suggest you time the progress.

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    Wow did I write so much already? lol

    1. Early game font>

    Buy a and 2 s. Grab it and head to the upper rune spot where you place your first eye. Then head to the top lane, it's probably too late for you to traverse the entire map already. Before lv3, you need to stay low and focus on hitting/denying. Remember you have no stun, slow or damage skill.

    However when lv3 starts, you have lv2 living armor and can stand a lot of harrassing. From this point, harrassing you like they do others won't hurt a lot. Try to wear your enemies off supplies, hp and mana while keeping regen on you and your teammate. Then control the line towards your side and play dominant. If your enemies try to approach to last hit, swipe them! If you can harass them out of the exp area, deny them lots of creeps you ruined their early game! How are gankers gonna get their boots of speed or farmers their items to jump start farming?

    Mid game font>

    Once you hit 5, start pooling man to around 150. At lv6 if your enemies are low enough on hp, your ulti will net at least 1 kill. Try to do so. Whenever your side has a glaive thrower or meat wagon, push the lane to their tower. Cast living armor on your melee creeps with the highest hp and let him tank the tower. Then cast it on the mechanical unit(yeah, it's possible) so it can throw one more attack. Slowly wear off the tower's hp. Be patient.

    By now you should have your HoM. Go home and get it then head to turn a jungle creep before returning to a lane. From here you should farm and farm and farm. Babysit the lane you are on by casting living armor on the tower. Whenever your HoM cools down, turn something. Also cast Eyes of the Forest whenever it cools down too.

    Keep a TP or 2 on you at all times. Depending on your team position, balance between farming and supporting. Since you cannot hold enemies frequently, the best support you can give your team now is sight, tanking, and invisibility for the dying. When you have an ulti, request for a gank or push a tower.

    Enemies will come for you. Keep at least mana for 1 invisibility. Solo killing Rooftrellen is difficult because he's got insane hp and armor plus an invisibility. But if they come with Dust of Appearance, look out! When you're harrassed a lot on lanes, go jungling. Keep living armor on you and you can indefinitely jungle But Rooftrellen doesn't jungle fast, so head back to a lane asap.

    Late game font>

    By the 30th minute mark, you should have completed more than half of your items and highlighted half the map lol. Push and Push! Use vision and catch them jungling or on their way then push. Fight few with many. Remember you probably have gotten a lot of hatred, so do not push too deep alone, they will buy .

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    Skill Usagesfont>font>


    Cast this on anyone within 375 area of a tree and he will gain invisibility for 15 sec. Leveling up this skill decreases mana cost and increases duration. Normally I only get 1 rank for this, stats are too important for Roftrellen. Rooftrellen can cast spells in Nature's Guise without breaking invisibility. If you cast it on an ally outside the 375 radius, he's only invisible for 1 sec or so. If you do so on an escaping teammate, the enemy will lose target for 1 sec, and that probably will save his ass. Use this skill to escape, surprise the enemy or scout.

    A lot of heroes can easily counter invisibility.

    's ignores invisibility and is great to finish of any hero with 200- hp. Plus it cuts trees.

    Any hero with aoes that ignore invisibility, like 's and a lot more.

    Heroes that reveal invisibility.




    Plus a lot of skills that can neutralize you before you cast invisibility. For example, Naga Siren can ensnare and show you for the spells duration.


    Your bread and butter skill. Keep this on you at all times and use it on 2 of your teammates during team fights, it'll help them take more damage. If a teammate passes you, cast it on him too, you helped restore 140 hp over the next 45 sec not to mention the benefits of +12 armor. You can also cast this on towers, so whichever lane you are on, babysit and protect it!


    Your ultimate. Wait where is Eyes of the Forest? Below!!

    Your ultimate won't catch enemies you can't see. But once caught, it will delay their invisibility for its duration. If you cast it first and an enemy uses magic immunity, the effect is dispelled. But if he does it first then the spell holds him. Certain heroes with mirror images like Naga Siren and Chaos Knight will dispell the effects too, Manta Style does the same. Entangled enemies can cast spells but cannot move or attack. When you are the main dpser, it might be nice to let others jump in for you if possible. Use your ulti when one is finished and others are fleeing. But if you're the starter, you wanna entangle them all of course.


    This skill creates a tree with a casting range of 100. It's basically Rooftrellen's attack range. What's worth mentioning is you can chop a tree with Quelling Blade and plant one of yours at the exact spot. Trees planted will have the same terrrian style, ones on the scourge side will be withered while those one the sentinel side are green.

    BUT the size and looks won't copy the tree you just chopped. So if you replace the middle tree at the top rune spot everyone will know it's a fake. And if a tree suddenly appeared right next to the lower rune spot everyone will know too!!Another thing is trees chopped by you will REGROW! So you will see 2 trees in the same spot if you didn't position it correctly. That is why I recommend to plant trees around a large piece of woods, where nobody can tell the difference.

    There's just too many places to mention, and it's impossible to highlight each spot. So you must follow your own judgement. Generally if your team is ganking based, you should light up their creeps 1st. If your team is more pushing and team battle based you should light tricky spots first. If your team if failing you should light up your side first lol.

    The basic rule is to use it once it cools down and if you don't know where, simply ward a creep. Can't be that hard right?

    Complete screenshots of eyes are
    href="" target="_blank">herea>


    When you start early game, level up Eyes of the Forest and immediately head out with your +. Hurry, you might not be able to head back to your lane in time.

    This is the 1st eye you should have, and you should maintain it throughout the game. Why do I not chop&ward the middle tree? Because it's too obvious.


    See the highlighted tree? I planted it without cutting. Useful for ganking/chasing/escaping. With that tree your enemies cannot play high/low terrain sight games. Useful to monitor activities aimed at sentinel top/middle tower. Even more useful after they fell.


    Very useful when sentinel mid 2nd tower is threatened.


    Place an eye where I'm standing, or chop&grow. This eye monitors sentinel ancients as well as traffic. Butchers, Enigmas and Earthshakers find this spot pretty attractive, to say the least.



    The 1st eye requires you to chop down 2 trees. It doesn't offer a large sight of the river or the entrance, but it's perfect to detect enemy wards planted nearby. The 2nd eyecam monitors entrance to the sentinel jungle from lower river, one of the most frequent paths used by both sides, as well as the creeps.


    Useful throughout the game. Fastest way from middle lane to sentinel jungle/lower rune spot.


    Monitors sentinel lvl1 creep and provides sight in the woods. Very useful when sentinel 1st and 2nd middle tower is threatened/down.


    Gives sight in woods. Very useful when 2nd sentinel tower is threatened. And if hiding in the shadows around this part is very popular, you might want to plant a 2nd eye in the cluster of trees between here and the lvl5 creeps.

    Scourge Jungle



    This is always the 2nd eye I plant after the upper rune spot one. It's pretty near and very useful. Surveillance over lv3 creeps plus an entrance.


    There are different ways to plant an eye at this creep point. Combine this eye with the one below and you will have a clear vision of the area below the scourge tower. Plant it in the woods below the creeps and you have sight over an entrance.


    Very useful eye. Covers traffic between top/middle scourge lane, gungler ganking and surprise attacks aimed at scourge mid towers.


    Useful when the tower's down or you're sentinel.


    Useful when sentinel's attacking 2nd mid tower and base tower.



    So long for my TP guide. Welcome to comment

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