Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cracked Version Of Cqccyh's Latest Hacks

Well.. I need to say anything? :) If cqccyh was talking about Xmas gift.. I antecipate and give you a gift for the New Year :D

This version is the lastest. I make some improvements for you:

  • Added shortcuts for activate/deactivate SuperPosition (F5), TradeRes (F6), MapHack Fog (F7), MapHack (F8). You'll hear a sound for activate and other for deactivate. (Suggested by thadeuhudson1 in brazilian's forum)
  • Rename GH4.exe to GH4.bin to avoid ppl to run the wrong file.
  • Fix the bug that was saving your user/password in cache once that you made a mistake typing it. It was necessary to restart the hack. Now, FIXED!
  • This version supports Warcraft 1.24b and 1.24c pacthes.
Well.. feel free to send suggestions in the official website.

Download links?


How to use?
To use the hack you need to registre for free.
To do it just click in "Register" button in hack's login window.
You'll be redirected to a page where you need to submit a form.
Who have already registered in the previous version doesn't need to register again. Just use the same user/pass.

Now.. I took 4 days to bypass your encryptation.
You are evolving.. "but it isn't enough at all.."
And thx for bypass Garena's update.
Anywayz.. I told you that gave hi

nt to them could be made you dectected too.. and so work for bypass ;P

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