Sunday, September 13, 2009

Garena Anti-Hack ByPass v1.0 By Garenahack-er

Garena Anti-Hack ByPass v1.0
for Warcraft III

What does it do?

It disable the Garena Anti-Hack system making all map hacks, custom kick or other hack work.

How to use?

Download and follow the instructions.

Remeber: Start a hack only from the SystemTray menu "Start a Garena Hack".

Download links:

You need to have installed: Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

Virus scan:
File Result: 0/41 (0%)

Bugs Reported:
  • There MAY be a bug with TyranO's maphack when your press or F5 in Game. Manually check those check-boxes ! Don't press F4 or F5 while you're in a game. The Tyrano's maphack that comes with GarenaHack v3.3 Remade is safe ! You can use that and click F5 or F4.

P.S. Start my GarenaHack v3.3 Remade the same to make it work. From the SystemTray with this program.


1. Download and Install the program where you want
2. Start it (from the Desktop Shortcut)
3. Read, understand, remember and click I understand !
4. Select Garena.exe, double click it, Select the "Modules" tab, find GEngine.dll , right click "Unload". Close this because there's an icon in the SystemTray. You'll use that.
- Garena obviously must be running. If you can't see Garena.exe start Garena :)
- W3 must be clossed.
5. Now start a hack, any hack, from the System Tray Icon, "Start a Garena Hack". Start two, three ... how many you want
After the hack all loaded you can start Warcraft III and enjoy.

Don't start ANY HACK WHILE WARCRAFT III IS RUNNING !!! Start hacks only from the SystemTray menu.


1.Open your Garena and join any room.

2.Open Garena Anti-Hack 1.0.

3.Find whear is Garena and doble Click it.

4.Chose Modules and Find GEngine Unload it.

5. Close 2 window.

6.Now start any hack from the SysteTray icon

7.Open any hack before you Start WarCraft III using the "Start a Garena Hack dialog"

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