Tuesday, September 8, 2009

GarenaHack v3.3 Remadev2 + Diabolic W3 Tools + CK + 1.24b MH

Here's a new v3.3 with 1.24b support.

To start the Garena Client, the CK or the 1.24b MH follow these steps(1,2,3):

Warning. Start the CK and MH only this way. Don't manually start them from the GarenaHack folder.
Warning. If you don't see Step 3 after pressing the start button then it means the file "inject.exe" was blocked by your antivirus. The file is packed and may trigger 3 anti-viruses.
You can reinstall and add to exceptions or download it here and extract into GarenaHack.exe folder. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?uetwzmxtjly

Mh. TyranO's D3Scene MapHack for 1.24b

Custom Kick (CK) - 1.20e , 1.24b

Diabolic W3 Tools

To run just start GarenaHack.exe or the shortcut on Desktop.

Click "Yes" when you see this message. If you don't see it
and GarenaHack starts or if it says "garena version is not supported" then you've installed it in the wrong place. Reinstall.

Download links (installer):

Download links (archive - extract into your Garena folder replacing files):
This hack doesn't include the Garena files. This hack can be used on the latest Garena version, even if it updates, and on any garena versions. Just install it in your Garena folder (Program Files\Garena - default). After install you should have a folder called "GarenaHack", with all the hack files, in your Garena folder.

When Garena Updates !!!!
  • Update it normally but after the update, when the Garena client is started automatically again, close it, and the click "Start Garena" again from the GarenaHack. If you don't do this probably nothing will happen. But it's best if you do this.

Virus info: There's no real virus thread or trojan. I've packed files with Armadillo packer and that's why some anti-viruses may say "Crypt" or "Packed". That means what it says, that the file are packed.

MegaEXP info: There is no more MegaEXP. Not even for the original GarenaHack.Those program that say MegaEXP are fake.

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