Thursday, June 25, 2009

100% working garena dota map hack by DarkterroR 100% WORKING

ShadowDota is a MapHack for Dota Game, i will release a normal MapHack atfer.

I not end to fix all features for warcraft 3 patch 1.22, but i know people want a MapHack, then i release this incomplete version, i will update the version during next days.

This version contain this features

- View Unit
- Unit Missile
- Blight
- Reveal Invisible (Show Invisible Unit in red)

- View Unit
- Remove Fog on Players Area
- Reveal Invisible
- Ping Signal
- Color Creep

- View Skill
- Cooldown
- Click Ressource
- Hero Enemy
- Enable Trade Amount 100/200
- Camera 1650/1800/2000/2500/3000/3200

The only new feature i success to fix from shadowdota 1.21b is ( show invisible unit in red )

This feature turn in red a invisible unit you cannot see, when you can see the invisible unit, he return normal.
This feature enable to know fast and easy if you normally can see the hero or not.
Your behavior will be less suspect with that ^^

I works for fix others new features, others releases will come.

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