Friday, June 12, 2009

Garena Hack™ Cracked by Dhamee and bypassed 11th June 09 100% Working


- Exp Hack 50 (Normal) & 100 (Gold) Per 15 mins.
- Some Admin Functions
- Removed all the useless client msges!
- Will not crash
- Now Ladder Stats can be shown in game win/losse/etc
- You Can Leave Or Change Rooms While Playing
- Can use Any maphack even the simple ones
- Can chat with banned users
- 5 Secs wating to join room (Removed)
- Auto rejoin funtion is on
-AntiSpike Removed for better gamming
- Can Enter Ladder Rooms
- Can Enter In Hacked Protected Rooms
- Not Detected By Garena
- Now More Clients can be opened. Hack (Aplication) wont popup but other clients will be cracked
- Ability To Flood In Room
- Now Both Custom kicks are available GUI in game Ckick and Out Vkick
- And Many More!
-Have Fun !

- Garena would crash
- Wont work on new update (If new updates comes still contact me i dont think it will work on new updates but still am there. Well after some updates (It sometimes works)
- Sometimes garena gives errors while playing the game or after the game is finished
To run it open Cache file (xp users normal opening for vista users run as administrator)

Download Links : DOWNLOAD HERE

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