Tuesday, June 9, 2009

****Garena CracK WoRkiNG 7 June****

Hello all my dears friends now i present you the last garena crack... 
Whit this description:

Garena Hack EXP Full 3.9.2 
- Fixed a problem with the update 27 May 2009 
PS please those who GHE 3.9.1 dont run, today released 4.0 Beta which will work without problems (but with access to the HLR and lader problem will be) happy 

Garena Hack EXP Full 3.9.1 
- Changed structure hack (works with cqccyh01 Garena Hack) 
- Fixed a problem with the entrance to the HLR 
- Fixed problem with entering the Lader Romania 
- Added Anti-Ban system v1.2 
- It's skin (added original logo hack, with an indication of the real version hack) 
- Added and processed by the old games such as (HAWX, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty 5, Red Alert 3) 
- Added new games such as the (Supreme Commander, TrackMania Enemy, Territory) 

- Not found in Garena 
- Better work (Tunnel and Antispike) 
- Turn off the confirmation E-Mail 
- Remove all unnecessary connections (prevodyashii to fly the players) 
- Gives the ability to start Maphack
- You can run any hacks 
- Removal of Advertising 
- Entrance into the room without waiting 5 seconds 
- Added the ability to Flood 
- Ping now shown in figures 
- Support GarenaTV 
- Increase 50Exp/15min (Basic Member) 100Exp/15min (GoldMember) 
- You get exp, regardless of game 
- Receive function partial GOLD account
- Appear Admin Options

Installation instructions (If you hack vyaet mistake?): 
1 - Remove all files in a folder (C: \ Program Files \ Garena Hack EXP) 
2- Install Garena Hack EXP Full 3.9.2
3 - After installing Garena Hack EXP Full 3.9.2 desktop appears tab 
4 - Run Garena Hack EXP Full 3.9.2 and play! 

In hack cqccyh01 technology used in conjunction with Garena Hack EXP Full 3.9.2 

This hack has been tested on virustotal NO VIRUSES!

Difference with 3.9.3 its that 3.9.2 have cqccyh01 structure and its easier to turn on maphack and others
It have maphacks 1.23 1.22 1.21 1.20e


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